Leaving the Greater San Antonio Area:

Febuary 21, 2020

Toll amounts are based on local electronic toll collection system pricing, such as, or 

At this time, Leep doesn't pay the difference between the local electronic toll collection rate and other rates, such as cash rates. To avoid overpaying, we encourage our drivers to use electronic systems. 

Riders or Leep for Business Partners please be aware of planning your trip: you will be responsible for all tolls that Drivers incur both ways plus a return trip charge for drivers.  

Charges will be calculated at the beginning of your trip as a quoted price. The actual price will be displayed when the trip is completed.

Cash clients. Our drivers have the option to ask for the estimated amount of the Tolls upfront at the start of the trip; along with the estimated price of an extended trip which takes a driver out of their local area.  

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