Setting up a New Account

Setting up a New Account

update March 1, 2020

Setting up a new account: 

1.   Download the LEEP app in either Apple Store or Google Play.

2.   Open the app menu, and the app guide will guide you to fill in your Phone number the app will text you a number to verify your phone number. Leep app will then allow you to fill in your personal information. Name, address, phone number, email address. See Privacy Policy.

To add information in the app Tap on (Red Leep icon) in the top left corner of the map.

3.   Tap on “Payment” to place credit card information on the App Profile. If you do not put a credit card on file, the Leep app will default to Cash only. see Cash Policy

4.   In Wallet, you will be able to add money to the app to pay for your trips.

5.   My trips will be able to keep track of all your rides past and future rides.

6.   Notifications are the way we can keep you informed of Promos in your area.

7.  The setting tab is where you can change your password, add emergency contacts, and log out of the Leep Platform.

8.   In the Share and Earn Tab, you will be able to get codes to invite your friends and earn  -promos.

9.   Help you will be able to get to the help desk and find articles for more information and assistance.

To update your information: open the app menu and tap “Edit Profile.”

1.   Put in your updated information and Save the updates.

2.   We will send a verification code to ensure that you are the person making the changes based on the details that you change.


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