Request a Cleaning Fee

Request a cleaning fee

Cleaning Fee Policy

We'll do our best to support you. 
In some cases, we may be able to issue you a flat rate fee (a "cleaning fee") . Please go through the details on this page carefully to submit a cleaning fee claim. If a rider made a mess in your vehicle that requires significant cleaning/repair and prevents you from taking further trips, please let us know here. To request a cleaning fee, please submit a photo of the mess along with the receipt for the cleaning service within 48 hours of the trip.

A receipt must have the following details in order to be valid:
  1. The date of service (must be within 48 hours of the trip where the mess was made)
  2. Service details (consistent with the type of mess in the submitted photo)
  3. Phone Number and Address of service provided
Please note that for moderate messes, and for incidents that require cleaning between the window/door or air vents (as described in the below flat fee guide), the submission of receipt and photo(s) of the mess is mandatory for us to be able to issue the eligible flat rate fee. Cleaning fees will be paid out to you based on the eligible amounts displayed in the below flat fee guide and not based on the amount on your receipt.

Flat Fee Guide
Fee assessments are determined by the following levels of severity:
$0 - Items that can be thrown away or wiped up quickly; any mess caused by water
$20 - Small interior mess, requires vacuuming or simple cleaning (ex. minor food/beverage spills, dirt, etc.)
$40 - Moderate interior mess (ex. food/beverage mess on vehicle exterior)
$80 - Moderate interior mess (ex. larger food/beverage spill on fabric or other surfaces, minor bodily fluid messes)
$150 - Any incident that requires cleaning between the window/door or air vents, a major bodily fluid mess.

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