How Drivers are rated on the leep platform

How Drivers are rated on the leep platform

After each Leep ride, you'll have the opportunity to rate your driver. When requesting a ride, you'll see your driver's rating, their profile photo, a description of the vehicle. The driver will see your profile photo and your pick-up location. In the note area if you are on a busy street or venue or if you need special assistance so the driver may tailor your ride experience or spot you right away to avoid delays.

What to consider when rating

Your rating should be based on your overall experience throughout the ride. When rating a ride, think about whether your driver was polite, courteous, a safe, driver, a good navigator, and made you want to choose Leep on your next rideshare opportunity.
Each rating you give will contribute to a driver’s overall standing with Leep and help identify opportunities for improvement. In addition, passengers with low ratings may not have their ride requests accepted as often; as well as if you did not have a good rideshare experience you will never be paired with that driver again.

5-star system

5 stars mean the ride was great and met Leep standards. Anything lower than 5 indicates that you were unhappy with the ride, so we want to know why! Use the comment box in the app after the ride to leave feedback.

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