March 7, 2020

Leep Drivers

PIN Codes (Personal Identification Number) will be generated to the Rider when they request a ride. This code will open up your Navigation to the riders’ destination. You will not be able to start the trip without the PIN code.

You will receive a notification to ask for the PIN code from the Rider. 

If the PIN code the Rider gives you does not work, then you have responded to the wrong Rider.

Let the Leep Rider know you are not their driver. The Leep rider should be able to contact their driver by text or track them with the Leep Rider Platform. 

COMING SOON!!  Any Leep is your Leep…..

At this time, however, we are developing this technology. You may not take a rider that; Is a Hail or has not downloaded and registered with Leep Rideshare Technologies LLC or has not or will not able to give you the PIN to activate their trip. 

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