New Drivers

New Drivers

Driver Requirements:

January 8, 2020


Thank you for joining our growing Leep Community! To be a driver, you MUST meet both Driver and Vehicle requirements.



Age Requirements:


The minimum age requirement to drive within the Leep Platform varies by {region}. To apply in Texas to Drive.

Apply online: We are currently not accepting out of state license.

You must be at least 21 to Drive.

Driving History:


After signing up, Cheker will perform your driving history and background check. Cheker is a third party affiliate. All information you provide will be checked against your driver's history and subject to Leaps' Privacy Policy.


Required Documents

·      A valid U.S. Driver License

·      Proof of Residency in your city and state

·      Proof of vehicle insurance if you plan to drive your vehicle.

·      A driver profile photo

Must be a forward-facing centered photo with full face and top of shoulders, no glasses. (except if it is Rx)

 A picture of driver-only with no other person must be in focus. It cannot be a driver's license photo or a printed photograph.

It is encouraged that you fill out the driver profile on the Leep Platform; this will highlight your unique background for our Leep Community; the more a rider knows about their driver, the more comfortable Leep Riders will feel in your vehicle. You will bring higher rating stars and produce more earnings for yourself. If you are currently driving for UBER or Lyft, you will still be subject to the decision of our third-party affiliate Cheker to validate your driver's history and criminal background check.

Leep Drivers will be subject to random checks while driving on our platform. Drivers who violate Leaps' Terms of Service or Leep Community Guidelines or due to not meeting Leep standards for ratings, driver history, criminal background check, may be subject to suspension or deactivation of the Leep Driver app.


Vehicle requirements:

 All vehicles must meet Leep standards and requirements:

·      No subcompact vehicles

·      No salvage or reconstructed or rebuilt titled vehicles.

·      Must have four doors and transport a min of 4 passengers with seatbelts for all passengers.

·      Vehicles should not have cosmetic damage, missing pieces, or commercial branding.

The vehicle should be one that you own and listed as an insured driver according to the vehicle insurance policy.

· Your vehicle may be subject to inspection by our Leep Partners or staff. Initial and Random checks may be performed but not limited to (i) initial vehicle inspection (ii) after an accident or collision (iii) customer complaint.


 Insurance requirements: see the link to insurance for {Drivers insurance}


License Plate: Make sure that your license plate number is correct in the Leep Platform to update click {here}


Current Mobile Device:


We are pleased to announce that both iOS and Android platforms work with Leep.

To access support in the Leep Platform tap HELP to access the helpdesk, there Leep Drivers and Riders will be able to obtain more information.

For the Leep Platform to work, you must connect your device to a cellular connection. Leep does not support Wi-Fi only devices like iPads.

Operating System requirements:

·      iOS 10 and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher is necessary for a smooth operation of the Leep Platform. For the best results, it is recommended to update your device to iPhone to iOS 11or Android phone to 5.0 versions. Android older versions (4.1 Jelly Bean) may work but may not provide all the options or the best experience on the Leep Platform. Check with your service provider for assistance in upgrading your device.

Location Settings:

·      To use navigation, track your rides, or update applications; you must enable the GPS location services in your device by using your mobile data connection.

·  iOS support Tap settings:> Privacy: >Location services:> Make sure location is ON.

·  Android Tap Settings:> Connections:> Location:> Toggle the location to ON.

·      To update settings in the Leep Platform: When you install the Leep app iOS platform will ask if you want to set permissions. For best results either Always choose on or Only when using                                                                   

Android> Leep app will look for permission to use the Location Services. Consult your service provider if you are having trouble with location services.

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