We are no longer accepting many subcompact vehicles.

Download the Drivers' App to start an application or check your application status. Head to driver application requirements for driver requirements.

If your vehicle requires an inspection, visit your state's page here — the inspection form you need to use, along with mechanic locations (if applicable), are listed there.

Vehicle Requirements 

Requirements for Leep Four

  • 10 years or newer

  • 4 doors

  • Seats 4 passengers not including the driver

  • Working Air Condition and Heat 

  • Meets vehicle class safety standards set by USDOT

  • Valid Texas Registration

Requirements for Leep Six

  • Meets all the above listed requirements for leep 4 

plus the following...

  • Must seat 6 passengers not including the driver

Requirements for Leep Premium & Luxury

  • 7 years or newer

  • Leather or synthetic equivalent for the interior

  • Original suggested MSRP for make and model exceeds $35,000. Verified with current Kelley Blue Book

Vehicle age

Before applying to drive or moving to a new city, head to driver application requirements and scroll down to find your new city or state, and it's the minimum vehicle age requirement.

Doors and seatbelts

All Leep vehicles are required to have 4 doors. Vehicles are required to have a minimum of 5 seatbelts (including the driver's), with a maximum of 8 seatbelts.

Subcompact vehicles

To provide a comfortable rider experience, certain subcompact vehicles are not eligible on the Leep platform as of February 25, 2019. Subcompact vehicles typically have an interior combined passenger and cargo volume index of less than 100 cubic feet, which makes for a tight space for passengers.

See a list of ineligible subcompact vehicles.

If you're an existing driver and you were approved to drive with a subcompact vehicle before February 25, 2019, you'll be able to continue driving with your existing subcompact vehicle. You won't be able to add a second vehicle that is classified as a subcompact or replace your existing vehicle with a different subcompact vehicle.