Leep's Certificate of Insurance

Leep's Certificate of Insurance

US drivers: Copy of Leep's Texas Certificate of Insurance.


PERIOD 2 & 3 

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    • Insurance Policy

      The subject of insurance can be complicated, but it’s important you know how and when our policies cover you and your passengers in the event of an incident. The following is an overview of how Leep Rideshare's insurance policies work. There are four ...
    • Leep Certificates of Insurance

      Link to Leep COI
    • Reporting an Accident or Collision

      Always dial 911 for all emergencies make sure that you and your passengers are safe. update January 7, 2020 To report an accident, tap the button below to get in touch with a Collision Specialist  Accidents are: Vehicle collision or A vehicle struck ...
    • How to photograph insurance info

      All drivers are required to have a personal insurance policy. If your insurance is expiring or you've changed providers, we'll need a photo of your new insurance document. There are five pieces of information that must be shown in the photo you take ...
    • How to update insurance in the app

      You can update your insurance one of two ways: directly through the app or in the Leep Platform. Open the app, and go to Settings > Vehicle > Personal Insurance. Tap 'Update' at the bottom of the screen. Take a photo (or choose an existing photo) of ...