In-App Ride History Tool

In-App Ride History Tool

Leep Rider In-app My Trips tool

January 18, 2020

The app's My Trips' tab lets you see a detailed overview of your Leep rides. 

Use My Trips' to add tips, report lost items, export ride receipts, or request price quotes or reviews on past trips.

Leep will also email you a ride receipt after your payment is processed for a ride or within 24 hours after a ride.

You can export your ride receipts in the ‘My Trip’ tab of your Leep app. 

You will receive a “My Trips Report” email with a receipt for all of the selected rides.

Ride history features

Ride history's features include:

Lost & Found

Price Quote

Add Tip

Lost & found

If you left something in your Leep ride, tap the ‘Help’ tab over to Leep Community and follow the next instructions to send a message directly to the driver.

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