How To Request A Leep

How to request a ride

Open Leep Rider App on your Mobile device.

updated: February 28, 2020

1. Tap on (Blue arrow icon) current location.

2. Make sure the address matches your current location or type in your Pick-up or current location in the search box (Search Destination).

3. For convenience, you may enter and save addresses such as Home or Work so that you may tap those Icons.
Set Drop-Off location. You will now be able to view a map with the proposed route.

4. Choose the vehicle you wish to use. Make sure that is the correct passenger capacity.

You may tap over either Economy 1-4 or Leep 6 or Premium,1-4, or Leep 6 or Lux 4. See Leep Ride Modes. 

5. If you have a special request, you may enter information on Notes in the next screen, see Car SeatWheelchair Policies WAV.

Choose a payment method, see How to Add your Payment Information or Cash policy if you have a promotion Tap Promo code.

1. Tap Option if you need to change from a Personal Account to Business Account, see Leep for Business, 

2. Tap Book, you may also schedule future rides up to 7 days in advance; see Schedule Rides for passengers.

3. The "quoted" Leep Rider price, your location, if you wanted to add a note for the driver, is located here.

4. Please make sure all the information is correct here before you tap to request a driver, see Temporary Authorizations

5. If you need to go back, you may tap the arrow on Map. For convenience, you may tap Leep Pay to add money to your account to pay for the trip directly in-app.

No account information gets shared with your driver, see Privacy Policy.

Tap Confirm and Request, 

1. When we locate a  driver, you will hear a pinging sound.
2. You will be notified by a pop up in your device "Yea! We Found you a Driver." A photo of the driver, the make and model of the vehicle, and the estimated time of their arrival. 

Pin Code

 A four-digit PIN code will display on your mobile device. It is unique to your ride request. The PIN will provide you with the assurance you are in the correct LEEP vehicle and paired with the right LEEP driver. You will need to give the driver the pin code when they request it, so your ride is activated, and your LEEP driver can open up navigation direction for your ride experience.


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