How to get picked up as a passenger

How to get picked up as a passenger

updated March 7, 2020

After you've requested a ride and a driver has accepted,

You'll be notified when we found you a driver 'Yea we found you a driver!' 
Your driver's information will pop-up. 
You will be able to view the driver's profile photo, name, rating and ETA (estimated time of arrival). 
While you're waiting, you will be able to track your driver's arrival at your location.
If you need to add additional destinations you may do so at the bottom of the screen.
This automatically loads into the driver's app when the ride starts.
For standard Leep rides, you can update your destination address as many times as you need to — great for running errands. 

When your driver arrives at your pick-up location

When you booked your ride you received a unique PIN Code for your driver. 
Now that they have arrived you will need to share this code with the driver so your trip can be unlocked and their Navigation will be started for your trip.

While on your trip you will be able to access 911 or Emergency numbers if the need arises by taping on the small phone receiver icon.
You can share your trip on Facebook too!

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