Hello Driver

Hello Driver

Hello Future Leep Driver

We're excited to have you join the Leep Rideshare Community. To help you to get started as an approved driver, we've broken down the information— from navigating the app on your phone to getting paid, becoming a safe driver, and learning how to earn your five stars. Save this page to your browser or phone to reference as needed.

There is a lot of information — we understand. But, here is a breakdown of five critical points to read in this guide.

Be safe … seriously: 

Only drive the car that you were approved for. Only use your driver account. This way passengers know to look for the vehicle associated with your Leep Rideshare account, and that your vehicle has passed the inspection that is required by Leep — and often city and state regulations. Leep's insurance policy may not cover unapproved vehicles. 

Hands-free is best:

Use a phone mount that allows you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Please don't talk on the phone or text and drive- it's illegal, distracting, and dangerous.

Make sure every seat is available:

While we'd all love to bring our friends, please don't bring friends or family along when giving rides. Most city regulations require drivers who transport people to pass a background check. You also need all seats free on any given trip.

Happy Drivers + Happy Riders = an enjoyable experience: 

Greet your riders in a courteous, respectful manner. Try to accommodate your passengers' needs as much as possible; this is how you earn your star ratings: by being the best.

Service animals 

Leep Rideshare's policy and Federal laws require all drivers to accept service animals regardless of allergies, fear, and religious or cultural objections. Service animals are always dogs and not required to wear tags. Passengers are also not required to prove their dog is a service animal. To learn more (service animals)

The Driver Guidebook

Driven by you for you 

Founded in 2017, By drivers for drivers. Leep's Rideshare mission is to improve everyone's life by pairing Happy Drivers = Happy Riders. We believe that matching happy drivers will make Happy Riders with the best transportation in San Antonio and surrounding areas — and that starts with you, our drivers. 

Thank you for being part of our mission and community. We're so glad you're here!


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