Having trouble with the Leep Driver Platform app?

Having trouble with the Leep Driver Platform app?

If you experience app issues while using the Leep platform, the following troubleshooting steps might help:

- Sign out and then back into the app
- Force stop and restart the app
- Restart the device
- Update or re-download the app
- Reset your phone's network settings

If you're still having issues, you may contact the Help Desk to let them know about the issue,
If you are having problems and they are preventing you from starting or ending your trip in the app; you can get support at 210-599-9999 or contact the Help Desk, or every Tuesday 10 am to 2 pm come and make a visit to the Leep Corporate Office we have a support team at your disposal to resolve issues that you may be having; at 5550 Rittiman Road San Antonio, TX  78218

If you have signs of poor connectivity

Connectivity can be challenging because each cellular network has different service areas in San Antonio. Here are some common symptoms of poor connectivity on your device:

  • Trouble requesting a ride or logging into the app

  • The app doesn't respond when using

  • Unable to accept ride requests

  • Can't start or end a ride

  • A text message or pop-up notification about issues with connectivity or device reaching servers

Phone setting tips to improve connectivity

Sometimes the default phone settings and the phone plan may cause connectivity issues. See below for settings changes you can make for better connectivity to the Leep app:

For All Carriers:

These steps will solve most device connectivity issues:

  • Update your phone's software and settings: During your downtime, update your device's software and settings. It can prevent future app issues. 

  • Close any unnecessary apps: When using the Leep app, try not to have other apps on in the background (if you can). The Leep Platform relies on data; having multiple apps using the same data may impact the connectivity of the Leep app. Toggle airplane mode on and off: If you're having connectivity issues or the app freezes, toggle airplane mode on for 10 seconds, then off. It will refresh your connection to your service provider's network.

  • Move locations: You may be in an area that your carrier doesn't provide service in or an area with a weak connection.

  • Restart your device: Switching your phone off and on again will reset it. Resetting your phone often resolves small glitches.

    • Heads up: Don't do this if you're in the San Antonio airport queue, as you may lose your spot in the line.

  • Delete the Leep Driver app and download it again: If there are bugs in that particular app version, deleting the app and re-downloading it may resolve the issue. Additionally, turning off your phone before reinstalling the app ensures a clean start.

  • Turn Wi-Fi on, but do not connect to any network: This can help with GPS accuracy.

    • If you're automatically connected to a network, turn your Wi-Fi off.

    • If your phone continues to connect to nearby networks automatically, change your 'Wi-Fi Calling' preferences to 'Cellular Preferred' or 'Cellular Only' to prevent signal interruptions.

  • Set background app refresh to Wi-Fi only: Apps that run in the background may slow your phone down by using too much cellular data bandwidth. Follow these steps to make sure apps are only running in the background when you're on Wi-Fi:

    • For iOS (Apple):

      1. Go to 'Settings'

      2. Tap 'General'

      3. Tap' Background App Refresh'

      4. Set to 'Wi-Fi only.'

    • For Android:

      1. Go to 'Settings'

      2. Tap' Data Usage'

      3. From the Mobile section, tap 'Mobile Data Usage.'

      4. Select an app from below the usage graph (we recommend starting with apps that use the most data)

      5. Turn off 'Allow background data usage.'

By Carrier

If you experience frequent connectivity issues, your cell provider or plan may not allow enough data access for you to use the app smoothly. Reach out to your service provider if you think if you have insufficient data.

See below for carrier-specific tips to improve connectivity:


Visit AT&T's Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool, then follow these steps:

  1. Select your phone manufacturer

  2. Select your device

  3. Under 'Service/network issues,' select 'Phone Calls.'

  4. Follow the troubleshooting steps to determine the best resolution for your device


  • Turn off Wi-Fi to make sure you're using the T-Mobile network.

  • Set the device network mode to 'Auto.'

  • Change Wi-Fi Calling preferences to 'Cellular Preferred' or 'Cellular Only' to prevent Wi-Fi Calling issues from interfering with the signal.

  • iOS (Apple) devices only: Reset network settings by following these steps:

    1. Go to 'Settings'

    2. Tap 'General'

    3. Tap 'Reset'

    4. Tap 'Reset Network Settings'

    5. Verify the 'T-Mobile Carrier Settings' are up to date. You can do this over Wi-Fi. See this Apple Support article for more info.


Perform a Preferred Roaming List (PRL) update by following these steps below. This update boosts your phone's roaming capability, so it stays on the Verizon network as often as possible:

  1. Call *228 from your home coverage area. This will be in the area your device can receive service.

  2. When prompted, select 2 to update your phone's preferred roaming list. This process may take up to 2 minutes.

  3. Once completed, you'll hear a confirmation message over the phone, and a message will display on your phone's screen.

How to fix a frozen app

Sometimes your app may freeze, stop working, not respond, or display another error. Try these steps in order:

  1. Make sure you have the latest software and that your settings are updated.

  2. Close the app and any other apps running in the background of your device

  3. Toggle airplane mode on and then off once to refresh your network connection

  4. Shut down your device for at least 30 seconds, then restart it

  5. Uninstall and install the Leep Driver app 

If you're unsure how to do any of the above steps, try an internet search or visit your local wireless store for personal help.

How to fix website errors

If the page you're trying to view won't load or gives you an error, try the following:

  1. Reload the page

  2. Clear your cache, browsing data, and cookies. Each browser is different, so try looking in settings, history, preferences, or advanced settings for this option.

  3. Try viewing the same web address on a different browser (for example, Google Chrome if you're using Safari)

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