Rider Tips

Rider Tips

   updated March 12, 2020

 1.    Always confirm you have the correct driver:

At the point of your pickup, verify your driver's name and allow them to input your unique PIN that opens up navigation to your destination. Confirm your destination before setting off on to the road.

2.              Be courteous and polite:

Your driver should greet you and always treat you with respect. The driver may open the door and offer to assist with personal items such as luggage. If the driver senses your distracted or busy, they might not speak to you, and it is ok not to strike up a conversation, so enjoy the quiet environment; it might just be the only opportunity for you to do so. We respect that! If you want to converse wonderful but don't share too much personal information about yourself and keep the conversation light.

3.              Your trip:

Leep drivers will try to make the trip as accommodating as possible for you. Still, there might be situations that may make the trip uncomfortable for you. At your discretion, you may ask the driver to pull over and let your yours out at a safe, well light public place and cancel the ride. You may also use the emergency number that you had previously programmed the Leep app with, or the option to call 911 conveniently located in your app. Please note what happened so that the Safety Support Team is aware of the situation. It's an excellent idea to save our Support number (210) 599-9999 on your phone, so you recognize it if we need to call you back. 

4.             Leep driver's focus is on the road: 

Our drivers make every effort to avoid phoning or texting family or friends while they transport you. Drivers will ensure their phone is securely mounted and not resting in their lap. The device used for Navigation purposes.

5.              Please don't ask the driver to speed:

You say you're are running late. Leep drivers will do our best to get you to your destination expediently and as safely possible. Please remain calm — drivers use the default Google Maps, which will have the most up-to-date traffic information for your trip, or driver may use WAZE if they prefer; it is a terrific way to ensure you're on the most efficient route.

6.              Share your location:

With friends and family. You can turn this on under Settings on your phone.

7.              Trust your instincts:

If a driver uses disrespectful language or misbehaves, you always have the right to end the ride early. If you need additional help, you may TAP the EMERGENCY button; to reach 911 or one of your pre-programmed contacts. Or can chat with our Safety Support at the Help Desk   24/7; to create a ticket by tapping the (+) and tap Add Ticket you may fill out by submission of a question or concern about your trip, please fill out your contact information and a description of the problem. You will be contacted shortly, either by phone or email. 

8.              Be prepared:

If the unexpected happens, consider saving the phone number of the central office (210) 599-9999 you get stranded or have some other car issue.


9.              Rate your driver:

At the end of every trip, you will get the opportunity to rate your performance on the trip. Our drivers strive to attain a five-star rating from you; Thank you in advance for that! But, If you give a driver a low rating, they will never be paired with you again. Our Trust and Safety team relies on your feedback and may also look into low rated rides and may remove drivers off of the Leep Platform to help keep the Leep Community safe.

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