Driver Screening Policy

Driver Screening Policy

(MVR & Background Check minimum acceptability standards) 

Below are the general requirements to become a Leep driver. 

  • Must be 25 years or or older

  • Vehicle requirements: 4-door vehicle with 5 seatbelts. Model year requirement varies city to city.

  • Ineligible model year requirements here

  • Complete a vehicle inspection that covers mechanical and cosmetic condition

  • Auto insurance with driver’s name on the policy

  • US driver’s license

  • One full year of license history 

  • Current vehicle registration (no salvage title)

  • Pass a background check and driving record check

  • Own a smartphone: 

    • iPhone running iOS 11+, 

    • Android devices running 7+

  • Comply with any local regulations in driver’s local area

MVR minimum standards

  • As set by Insurance

  • Moving violations as defined by the Texas Administrative Code can be found here:  Texas Administrative Code  (List is also attached below)

Background Check minimum standards

Minimums set by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR).  

Currently, any convictions for any of the following will result in disqualification or termination of driver Independent Contract Driver:  

  • Murder

  • Sexual assault/rape

  • DUI

  • Felony burglary

  • Felony arson

  • Felony assault or battery

  • Felony theft or larceny

  • Felony vehicular homicide

  • Felony indecency including child pornography

In some cases, older convictions may be discounted, if permitted by the standards set by the TDLR.

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