Distracted Driving Policy

Distracted Driving Policy

Distraction-Free Driving

Traffic crashes are among the leading causes of death and injuries in Texas. 

Because leep is committed to establishing and following practices that make driving safer, and because we value the safety and well-being of our entire leep community of drivers and riders, we are instituting a distraction-free driving policy to promote safe driving habits. Using a cell phone while driving increases the risk of a crash by four times, and texting increases crash risk by 23 times. 

Texas law now prohibits all drivers from using any hand-held device while operating a vehicle. leep partners must always refrain from using PDAs and cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. leep partners should not initiate or respond to phone calls, read or respond to text messages or emails while driving a passenger. leep drivers who need to make a call to their passengers or an emergency call while on the road must first park the vehicle in a safe location.  Driver-partners are encouraged to use a state-approved device holster while Bluetooth or other hands-free devices operating their vehicles. 

Failure to follow this distracted driver policy and refrain from talking on the phone, texting or emailing while on duty may result in immediate termination of a driver/partner’s contract.  


I have received a copy of leep’s distraction-free driving policy. I fully understand the terms of this policy and agree to abide by them. Sign and print your name, add today’s date, and upload this form to your profile or email it to driversupport@rideleep.com 

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