How to change or accept other car classes (Change Service Type)

How to change or accept other car classes (Change Service Type)

Leep has 3 Categories of service  Economy , Premium, and Luxury  each with 2 sub-categories. 

Changing your vehicle service class is easy.
With the exception of Leep Four under the Economy category. You can drive other classes that are lower than your original class. 

if you registered as a Leep Six (Six Passenger Basic) You can drive both Leep and Leep Six
if you registered as a Premium Six (Six Passenger Premium) You can drive Leep, Leep Six, Premium Four, and Premium Six

To change your service and accept trips from other classes you are eligible to pick up please do the following:


Choose 'Account'

Click 'Settings'

Click 'Change Services'

Toggle 'On' or 'Off' for applicable Service Types

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