To compensate your driver for their time and gas, we'll apply a cancellation fee or penalty for specific rides.

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Cancel fees

You may be charged a fee for canceling a ride when both of the following occur:

  • 2 minutes or more pass since a driver accepts your ride request
  • Your driver is on time to arrive within 5 minutes of the original estimated arrival time

For Shared rides, we may charge a cancellation fee should you cancel any time after a driver accepts your ride request.

In most cases, you'll be charged $10 for canceling a scheduled ride.

  1. Open our Cities page and select your city
  2. Submit your intended pick up and drop-off location under 'Fare Estimate.'
  3. Select 'More' next to your preferred ride mode

No-show fee

No-show fees may be charged under these circumstances:

  1. Your driver arrived to pick you up
  2. Your driver waited 5 minutes or more
  3. Your driver attempts to contact you, or you reach your driver

For Shared rides, we may charge you a no-show fee if you aren't at the pickup location within 1 minute of your driver’s arrival.

How to dispute a fee

If you think you were charged a cancellation fee in error. We will be happy to help. Use the app's 'Ride History' tab.

  1. Open the app and tap the menu icon in the top left corner
  2. Tap ‘Ride history.’
  3. Select the ride with the fee
  4. Scroll down, then tap 'Get help.' If you're an Android user, tap 'Request Review.'
  5. Tell us more about your problem, then follow any instructions. If needed, we'll ask for a brief description of what happened and review the ride.

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