Accident Reporting Protocol

Accident Reporting Protocol


Accidents are an unfortunate part of our business.   

As we strive to embrace new, innovative technologies to improve the leep experience, we remind all partners to learn about ways to improve their safe driving practices.  

Should you be involved in an accident?

Do the following:

  1. If anyone is injured call 911 immediately

  2. If no one is injured, move off the roadway safely

  3. NEVER ADMIT FAULT to anyone 

  4. Call the non-emergency police phone number  and get an accident report case/file  number

  5. Get another driver/s insurance, vehicle, and contact  information

  6. Take photos if you can do so safely

  7. Email Leep Driver Support at immediately  (failure to report any accident within 24 hours may result in termination of your driver  contract and/or permanent deactivation of your  driver account)

  8. Complete an accident report form and submit it to 


Leep Incident Report Form

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